Campaign in your local area

You can contribute to Peace Day by following the actions below. You can also download our promotional materials to recognise Peace Day in your community. Let us know if you are planning an event to mark the celebration.

Take a Simple Action

Have a Peace of Cake

Every Cake is a Peace Cake on Peace Day. Bake and share a cake with your family, friends & colleagues.

Random Acts of Kindness

Carrying out a small act of kindness doesn't take long and it can have a significant impact on someone else.

Reconcile with Someone

Pick up the phone or send a message to someone that you've fallen out with.

Make an Impact

Commit to Volunteering

Thousands of organisations and communities rely on volunteers to function. Make a commitment to volunteer to make a difference to yourself and others.


Campaign in Your Local Area

Help raise awareness for Peace Day in your area by putting up posters, giving out flyers or by raising awareness through word of mouth.


Fund the Campaign

It's up to all of us to promote the ideals of Peace and Justice. If you don't have the time to support the campaign but feel strongly about the mission we ask that you make a small donation that will allow others to drive this campaign forward.

Register Your Event

Are you planning an event in your community to celebrate Peace Day? Let us know what you have planned.

Register Event
Download Resources

Help raise awareness for Peace Day in your area by putting up posters. Download the poster below.